Prof. Dr. İlter Turan



Habilitation (Dozentur) Faculty of Economics (1970)
İstanbul University

Ph. D. (Political Science) Faculty of Economics (1966)
İstanbul University

M.A. (Government) Columbia University (1964)
New York, New York

B.A. (Government) Oberlin College (1962)
Oberlin, Ohio

Secondary School: Tarsus American School for Boys

El Cerrito High School (1958)
El Cerrito, California


-Native speaker of Turkish
-Fluent reading, speaking and writing knowledge of English
-Some reading and limited speaking knowledge of French
-Some reading and limited speaking knowledge of German



Professor of Political Science
Department of International Relations
Istanbul Bilgi University


Rector, Istanbul Bilgi University (1998-2001)

Professor of Political Science (1993-1998)
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Koç University (İstanbul)

Chair, International Relations (1992-1993)
Professor of Political Science (1984-1993)
Faculty of Political Science
İstanbul University

Professor of Political Science (1976-1984)
Faculty of Economics
İstanbul University

Associate Professor of Political Science (1970-1972)
Faculty of Economics (1974-1976)
İstanbul University

Assistant Professor of Political Science (1966-1970)
Faculty of Economics
İstanbul University

Third Lieutenant, Artillery and Instructor (1973-1974)
Staff Colleges of the Turkish Armed Forces


Dept. of Political Science
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
Spring and Summer 1991
Summer 1983
Fall-Spring 1983-1984
Spring 1975
Fall-Spring 1967-1968

Dept. of Political Science
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Summer 1989

Dept. of Political Science
University of California
Berkeley, California
Summer 1987
Summer 1985
Summer 1984
Fall 1982

Dept. of Political Science
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky
Fall-Spring 1975-1976

Dept. of Social Sciences
Southern Oregon College
Ashland, Oregon
Summer 1975


BOOKS (English)

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STUDENTS AS A POLITICAL FORCE IN TURKEY: 1853-1962. Unpublished Master's Essay, Columbia University, 1964.

BOOKS (Turkish)

TBMM’NİN ETKİNLİĞİ (Editor) İstanbul: Türkiye Ekonomik ve Sosyal Etüdler Vakfı, 2000 (The Effectiveness of the Turkish Parliament)

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1. Project Director of Turkey. 1998-2001. Politics of the Agricultural Use of Water in the Mediterranenan Basin, a seven country project supported by the European Union and administered by Research Committee 12 of the E.U.

2. Project Director (1990-1991): I designed the survey instrument, directed its implementation and wrote the final report of the project on "The Socio-Economic Background of the Members of the Union of Banking and Insurance Workers." A mail questionnaire was used.

3. Project Director (1978-1980) : Designed the survey instrument
and implemented the field work as part of a broader project on Political Conditions of Rural Development in Turkey, assisted by Ersin Kalaycioglu.
Project was funded by the Comparative Legislative Research Center of the University of Iowa.

4. Field Director (1973-1974): Directed the implementation of the survey instrument prepared by the Comparative Legislative Research Center of the University of Iowa for the Legislatures and Political Development Project.


President, Turkish Political Science Association (2001-2009)

Program Chair, XXI World Congress of Political Science of the International Political Science Association; Santiago, Chile, July 12-16, 2009.

Chair, Local Organizing Committee , First World International Studies Conference, Istanbul. 24-27 August 2005

Member of Executive Committee (elected summer 2000 and reelected 2003), Vice President and Chair of the Committee on Research and Training (since 2003) of the International Political Science Association

Member, Board of Editors, International Political Science Review (2001-)

Member, International Advisory Board. EUROPEAN POLITICAL SCIENCE (2004-)

Member, Board of Editors, ULUSLARARASI HUKUK VE POLİTİKA (2004-)

Member, Board of Advisors, TURKISH POLICY QUARTERLY (2003-)

Member, Advisory Editorial Board, INSIGHT TURKEY (2002-)

Member, Board of Advisors, MUHAFAZAKAR DÜŞÜNCE (2004-)

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL
(2000- 2006) SCIENCE REVIEW

Member, Editorial Advisory INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Board (1996-1998 ) QUARTERLY

Member, Editorial Advisory PERCEPTIONS
Board (1996 - ) Journal of International Affairs

Member, Board of Advisers MEDITERRANEAN POLITICS
(1994- ) (London: Pinter Publishers)

Director (1986-1993) Center for the Study of the Middle
East and the Balkans, Faculty of
Political Science, Istanbul University

Vice President (1986-2001) Turkish Political Science Association


Member and Secretary (1983-1985) Board of Directors of the Turkish
Studies Association (USA)

Acting Director (1976-1981) Institute of Political Science
Faculty of Economics
Istanbul University

Istanbul: Redhouse Press


Coordinator and director of the program Dünya Tartışıyor (The World Debates) a half hour program of analysis of a domestic or an international issue or problem on NTV, a news channel in Istanbul (October 2001-May 2002)

Chief columnist (politics) for the economics daily Dünya (İstanbul) (1994-

Political columnist for the TEB Bulletin, an internet publication of the Turkish Economics Bank (Istanbul) (1999-2000)

Lead columnist for the political and economic quarterly Liderler (Istanbul) (1996-1999)

Political columnist for the daily Günaydin (İstanbul) (1992-1993)

Political writer and analyst for the financial monthly Finans Dünyasi (Istanbul) (1992-1999)

Member, Board of Directors, TEMSA Corporation (1992-2010)
(Temsa builds busses, small trucks, work machines)

Member of the Board of Directors, Indokordsa Corporation, Jakarta (2009-)

Member, Board of Directors. Öner Stock Brokerage Corporation (1992-

Member, Board of Directors, TESEV Foundation (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation) (1997-2007)

 Chairman, Board of Trustees, SEV Foundation (2007- ) and Member, Board of Directors, SEV Foundation (Health and Education Foundation which runs hospitals and a network of primary and high schools) (1998-2006), currently a member of the Board of Trustees

Founding member and Trustee-ÇEKÜL (Environmental and Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation)

Member of the Board of Directors-TEGV (Education Volunteers Foundation)(2006- )